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Assoc. Prof. Hongshun Liu
Shandong University, China

Speech Title: Research on degradation mechanism of oil-pressboard insulation in converter transformer under electric-thermal-mechanical multi -physical- field
 In recent years, converter transformer failure occurs frequently. With the influence of the electric-thermal-mechanical coupling physical field, the occurrence of irreversible deterioration effect of oil-pressboard insulation is the main cause of converter transformer failure. In the speech, the physical-chemical properties of oil-pressboard insulation under the electric-thermal-mechanical multi-physical-field were introduced. The influence of different voltage combinations on the development of partial discharge was presented. The relationship between the distributions of space charge and the oil-pressboard insulation deterioration was introduced in detail. These results have revealed the deterioration mechanism of the oil-pressboard insulation in the converter transformer, which are of great theoretical guidance for the improvement of converter transformer design and maintaince.

Biodata: Associate professor Hongshun Liu is master supervisor and doctoral supervisor of School of Electrical Engineering, Shandong University. He is deputy director of High Voltage and Insulation Technology Research Institute of Shandong University, deputy director of Shandong Key Laboratory of UHV Power Transmission and Transformation Technology and Equipment, deputy director of High Voltage and Electrical Materials Special Committee of Shandong Electrotechnical Society, and scientific communication expert of "Light of Power" of Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering. His research interests include electrical equipment diagnosis and big data analysis, electromagnetic transient analysis and suppression, discharge theory and its application for electrical equipment, electromagnetic compatibility technology, etc.