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The 3rd International Conference on Power Engineering
(ICPE 2022)

The 3rd International Conference on Power Engineering (ICPE 2022)


The annual conference ICPE 2022-The 3rd International Conference on Power Engineering was planed to be held in Sanya, Hainan Province, China during December 09-11, 2022. However, due to the outbreaks and continuing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizing committee decide to have the 3rd ICPE virtually.It's sponsored by Science and Engineering Institute, technically supported by University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres, Politecnico di Milano, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Northeastern University, Faculty of Engineering, Mansoura University, University of Ferrara, Horus University-Egypt, etc.
2022第 三届电力工程国际会议 (ICPE 2022) 于2022年12月09日至11日成功召开。 受新冠疫情影响,会议通过线上方式举行。本次会议由科学工程学会主办,电子科技大学,魁北克大学三河分校,米兰理工大学,昆明理工大学,东北大学等支持。 会议以推动电力工程应用,展示电力工程新技术为导向,通过在线交流的形式,搭建交流合作平台。


Accepted papers of ICPE 2021 have been published in Energy Reports (ISSN: 2352-4847) Volume 8
Online 上线: https://www.sciencedirect.com/journal/energy-reports/vol/8/suppl/S5

Index 检索: SCI | EI Compendex (JA)-EI 核心 | SCOPUS |


About the Conference

本次大会邀请到国内外专家学者与会报告。ICPE 2021邀请到广西大学的黎静华教授(电气工程学院副院长, IET Fellow)来会致会议开幕词, 电子科技大学的胡维昊教授(“智慧电力与能源研究所”所长,IET Fellow),杜月芳老师,广西大学的李佩杰教授来会主持大会。大会报告共有三位主旨报告教授,包括清华大学的何金良教授(IEEE Fellow, IET Fellow, HPEM Fellow,清华大学电机系高电压与绝缘技术研究所所长),浙江大学的文福拴教授(IEEE Fellow,浙江大学电力经济及信息化研究所所长),华南理工大学的朱继忠教授(IEEE Fellow, IET Fellow, CSEE Fellow),大会还邀请到两位邀请报告教授,分别为杨知方研究员(重庆大学)和覃智君副教授(广西大学)。会议报告聚焦电力能源行业,讨论最新研究新成果及理论。

Opening Remarks, Prof. Jinghua Li, Guangxi University, China (Vice Dean of the School of Electrical Engineering, IET Fellow)
开幕致辞 黎静华教授 广西大学 (电气工程学院副院长, IET Fellow)

Keynote Speaker I : Prof. Jinliang He, Tsinghua University, China, IEEE, IET, HPEM Fellow, Chair of High Voltage and Insulation Technology Research Institute
何金良教授, 清华大学 (IEEE Fellow, IET Fellow, HPEM Fellow, 清华大学电机系高电压与绝缘技术研究所所长)

Keynote Speaker II: Prof. Jizhong Zhu, South China University of Technology, China, IEEE, IET, CSEE Fellow
朱继忠教授, 华南理工大学(IEEE, IET, CSEE Fellow)

Keynote Speaker III: Prof. Fushuan Wen, Zhejiang University, China, IEEE Fellow, Director of Zhejiang University-Insigma Joint Research Center for Smart Grids
文福拴教授, 浙江大学 (IEEE Fellow, 浙江大学电力经济及信息化研究所所长)

Invite Speaker I: Assist. Prof. Zhifang Yang, Chongqing University, China
杨知方研究员, 重庆大学

Invite Speaker II: Assoc. Prof. Zhijun Qin, Guangxi University, China
覃智君副教授, 广西大学

Best Presenters of Parallel Sessions

One best presentation were selected from each session, evaluated from: originality; applicability; technical Merit; qualities of PPT; English. They were awarded the certificate after the finish of sessions. They are:

Session 1: Power Dispatch and Management
E1206: Optimal Operating Regime for Electric Vehicle Aggregator Considering Reserve Provision
Han Wang, Southern University of Science and Technology, China

Session 2: Electrical Engineering and Automation
E1196: Model Parameter Identification for Scaled-Down Analogous HVDC Transmission Lines using Broad Spectral Response Analysis
Jinrui Tang, Wuhan University of Technology, China

Session 3: Mechatronics and Power System
E1138: Output Prediction of Alpha-type Stirling Engines using Gradient Boosted Regression Trees and Corresponding Heat Recovery System Optimization Based on Improved NSGA-II
Jiying Chen, University College London, United Kingdom

Session 4: Advanced Electronic Technology and Application
E1040: An extended Kalman Filter based SOC Estimation Method for Li-ion Battery
Zhenjie Cui, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China

Session 5: Smart Grid Control and Optimization
E1098: Microgrid's Multi-VSGs Cooperative Control Method Based on Distributed Communication
Fujun Bao, China Electric Power Research Institute, China

Session 6: Electricity Demand and Market Management
E1365: Dynamic Pricing Based EV Load Management in Distribution Network
Weile Kong, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China

Session 7: Electric Vehicles and Energy Engineering
E1299: Optimal Battery Sizing for a Grid-Tied Solar Photovoltaic System Supplying a Residential Load: a Case Study under South African Solar Irradiance
SandilePhillip Koko, Central University of Technology, Free State, South Africa

Session 8: Clean Energy and Renewable Energy
E1025: Optimal Configuration of Park-level Integrated Energy System Considering Integrated Demand Response and Construction Time Sequence
Chang Liu, Zhejiang University, China

Session 9: Power Load Forecasting and Model
E1037: Mid-long Term Load Forecasting Model based on Support Vector Machine Optimized by Improved Sparrow Search Algorithm
Shuhui Yang, Guangxi university, China

Session 10: New Electrician Theory and Applied Technology
E1301: Design, Modelling and Analysis of a Novel Hybrid-Magnet Variable-Flux PMSM with Variable Series-Parallel Magnetic Circuit
Guangyuan Qiao, Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Session 11: Advanced Motor Design and Application
E1215: Magnetic Properties Optimization of Novel Composite Magnetic Materials for HSPMSM with Novel Composite Rotor
Jinyu Yao, Shenyang University of Technology, China

Session 12: Generator and Power System
E1231: An Efficient Multidisciplinary Design Research for the Integrated Low Speed Permanent Motor System Based on Analytical and Numerical Hybrid Analysis
Bingchuan Xie, Shenyang University of Technology, China

Session 13: Energy Utilization and Development
E1102: Power Flow Analysis Considering Solar Road Generation
Bochen Shi, Guangxi University, China

Session 14: Grid Operation and Control
PEEE21-112-A: Impact Assessment of High Renewable Energy Penetration on Frequency Stability in Peninsular Malaysia Grid System
Kassim Mohd Nazri, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Malaysia

Session 15: Modern Power System Operation and Load Forecasting
E1282: Load Forecasting Model Consisting of Data Mining based Orthogonal Greedy Algorithm and Long Short-Term Memory Network
Jingfu Li, Chongqing University, China

Session 16: Intelligent Electrical Design and Control
E1232: Design Considerations of Asymmetric Step-Up/Down Dual-Resonator Charger for Lithium-ion Battery Applications
Yubo Han, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China , China

Session 17: High-Voltage Power Transmission and Power Transmission
E1241: Transmission Line Fault-Cause Classification based on Multi-View Sparse Feature Selection
Shengchao Jian, Guangdong University of Technology, China

Session 18: Power and Energy
E1303: Time-domain Continuous Power Flow Calculation of Electricity-Gas Integrated Energy System Considering the Dynamic Process of Gas Network
Zhaoliang Cui, Shandong University, China

Session 19: Electronics and Electrical Engineering
PEEE21-106: Copper Oxide Formations under Polymer Coatings during Accelerated Thermal Aging
Lukas L. Korcak, Institute of Technology Carlow, Ireland

Oral Flash Session 1: Power System Modeling and Control
E1325: Design and Parameter Analysis of an Improved Pre-synchronization Method for Multiple Inverters based on Virtual Synchronization Generator Control in Microgrid
Tian Ren, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China

Oral Flash Session 2: Power Electronics Technology and Application
E1359: An Online Resilience Assessment Method for Islanded Distribution Systems Considering Uncertainty of Intermittent RESs and Loads
Chaofan Lin, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China

Oral Flash Session 3: Electrical and Energy Engineering
E1005: A CNN-LSTM-LightGBM based Short-Term Wind Power Prediction Method based on Attention Mechanism
Juan Ren, Economic Research Institute, State Grid Xinjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd, China